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Our Story: How it all began

Rev. Albert Law, who had been ministering in Calgary Chinese Alliance Church, had a burden for the spiritual need in Eastern Europe for many years. In 2005, he met Rev. Roger Wu , who came to Calgary to pastor the Blessed Christian Church that year. Rev. Wu had been going to Eastern Europe many times for several years. Together, they formed a team to Eastern Europe in the fall of 2006.

During the mission trip, Rev. Law and Rev. Wu were praying for God's guidance as what God wanted them to do in Eastern Europe. One evening, as they were sharing, one thing came to the discussion, i.e., the constant need for Chinese pastors in the Chinese churches and Christian groups in Eastern Europe. Many churches there depend on short term mission teams from other parts of the world to provide for the teaching of the word of God and spiritual guidance. Yet there are very few pastors who are willing to answer the call to serve in Eastern Europe. Moreover, most of the short term mission teams are made up of the brothers and sisters originally from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Rev. Law and Rev. Wu felt that it would be much more effective if there were people who came from China to minister to the Chinese in Eastern Europe.

The two pastors began to see that God was leading them to see the need to train the Chinese believers to serve the Chinese churches. They've got very excited and committed this to the Lord.

In late 2007 and early 2008, Rev. Law spent 5 months in Eastern Europe. He went to Praque to meet the President of the Baptist University. During that period of time, Rev. Law went to Toronto and met Pastor Judy Choy. He gave a challenge to Pastor Choy to go to Eastern Europe to minister. After a few weeks of prayer, Pastor Choy sensed the Lord was leading her to study her doctoral degree in Prague.

Rev. Law and Rev. Wu continued to sense that the Lord was clearly leading them to start a college to train future servants of the gospel to provide spiritual shepharding for the Chinese churches in Eastern Europe. They also sensed that the need to proceed the registration of the college in Canada. The college was registered successfully with the federal government of Canada in the fall of 2008. Thus Chrestos College was born.

The Chrestos College is governed by the Board of Directors which is comprised of three members: Rev. Roger Wu-the chairperson, Rev. Albert Law-the secretary, Dr. Edward Chang-the treasurer.

The Board appointed Rev. Albert Law as the President and Dean of the College, and Pastor Judy Choy as the Associate Dean and Student Care Director.

We are also very happy to have the honour to have Dr. Anthony Chow, Dr. Henry Chow, and Dr. Wing Hung Lam as our Academic Advisors.

The College is beginning to share the vision of the college ministry and to recruit potential students. We are looking forward to provide the first course of the pastoral training in the fall of 2009 in Europe.


Our Mission: What we are trying to accomplish

We see the Chrestos College as a Theological Education Serving Community, a Discipling Community, and a Missional Community, therefore, we strive to lead His people into growing relationship with Jesus Christ, where they are encouraged and equipped to

  • pursue intimacy with God
  • build up a Christ-centered church
  • influence others for Christ

Our Value: What we stand for

  • We will provide low cost but high quality theological education and ministry skills to potential ministerial students.
  • We will train students with not only biblical knowledge and ministry skills but, more importantly, instill them with godly character.
  • We will continue to trust God for provisions for our resources, right professors, staff, students and finances.

Our Hope: What we would like to see in the future

We pray and trust that God will enable us to provide the right people to fill most if not all of the pastoral positions of the Chinese churches in Eastern Europe and perhaps, beyond, if the Lord willing.

We pray and hope that the Chinese churches will be excited to continue to send their potential students to Chrestos College.

Our Activities: What we will be doing


  • To promote the awareness of holistic health - spiritual, emotional and physical - in Christian perspectives via newsletter, literature and media.
  • To run seminars, workshops or talks to equip and enable believers or seekers to serve faithfully and competently in their families, communities and market place. These ministries could be served in Canada or abroad either on sites or on distance learning.
  • To provide Christian education/theological education to equip and train for Christian leadership and workers to enable them as faithful believers and responsible citizens. These ministries will be served locally or overseas either on sites or on distant learning.
  • To educate people to rally behind good cause of reaching out to those needed by joining hand with other charitable agencies.
  • Annually
  • To have rallies to celebrate with believers and seekers for how God has blessed our three level governments and educate people to be participating in caring for the needs of these governments.
  • To have rallies to celebrate with believers and seekers for how God has blessed the faith communities.